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OUR STORY began life in early 2008 as the collective

brainchild of four veterans with sales & business

experience in the Mexican travel sector.

Andy Small, Marco Torres, Waylon White and James Colligan, the original leadership team, sought to transform the vacation dynamics for consumers seeking affordable luxury getaways, and top 5-star resorts craving a reliable pipeline of qualified prospects and customers.



Andy is considered the pioneer of interactive marketing for the vacation ownership industry, and now proudly leads one of the fastest growing companies in the travel industry.



Marco is a lifelong entrepreneur with more than two decades in the travel vertical with an extensive sales and marketing background in the vacation ownership and travel...



After graduating from Colby College in Maine, James spent the next 20 years fine-tuning his financial, sales and marketing skills in the mutual fund sector...



After graduating from Northwestern State University in 2005 with a Bachelor in Science, a Major in Marketing and Business Management...

The Beginning

Capitalizing on the economic meltdown and industry disarray, they architected new online channels between customers and resorts, particularly in Mexico and North America.

Within the first two years of operation, the team had scaled operations from their apartment living rooms (and 6 home-based sales reps) to a massive online marketing and call center apparatus, orchestrating 90% of all mini-vacations in Mexico and North America.

By 2011, Top Mexican resorts such as Villa del Palmar and Krystal offered BookVIP exclusive partnerships to generate qualified leads through massive promotional discounts, up to 70%.

In 2013, The Mexican Tourism Board glowingly endorsed the leadership team: “[] has been an integral part of the success of many resorts throughout Mexico helping plan vacations for tens of thousands of guests. It has found ways to make vacations a ffordable for many families around the world. “

BookVIP.COM was awarded similar partnerships with luxury resorts in North America, including Westgate, which allowed the leadership team to scale operations further and generate over $100 million in sales by 2014.

Industry Leadership

By 2015, had emerged as the world’s fastest growing online travel reservation site with the ability to access over 200,000 wholesale hotel (and cruise) inventory products and repackage them into customized specialty travel experiences.

Over 500,000 families were now using to book deals to top resorts around the world at massive 70% discounts - unrivaled in the travel sector.

By 2016, had successfully built and launched its debut specialty product, Yoga Cruises, to a global online and social media audience that collectively numbered almost 4 million users. It also recorded $200 million in sales to top hotel resorts, doubling its growth from the year before.

In 2017, expects to deliver several new specialty getaway products including diving tours, golfing tours and culinary travel experiences to its global audience.

To this end, it has dramatically expanded its marketing team and will shortly begin a nationwide TV campaign.

The future is now the leading industry matchmaker for connecting consumers and hospitality partners through an unrivaled suite of standard and specialty travel products, including Yoga Tours. Its exclusive partnerships with top resorts, and access to unlimited wholesale hotel & cruise inventory, allows BookVIP to build out an enviable range of customized packages to consumers craving both personalized travel and affordability.

Within the next several years, BookVIP expects to become the most recognized travel brand in the world and the default online reservation platform for multi-destination specialty travel products.


1 Top Travel Site

We are the fastest growing online travel booking site in the world today

2 viva Mexico

We provide 90% of the min-vac packages to Mexico

3 24 Hour Sales

Round the clock customer service between two continents.

4 Endorsements

Mexico Tourism Board has thanked us for boosting their travel economy.

5 fans love us

Over 3 million Facebook Fans share our deals with friends & family.

6 Winning the web

Over 3 million unique visitors check out our website deals each month.

7 rave reviews

We have the world's largest collection of positive YouTube Video Reviews.

8 a trusted entity

We maintain a positive A-Rating with the Better Business Burea.

9 100% Effort

Over 200 sales reps are fanatically devoted to making your trip a success.

10 striving higher

We have some of the lowest cancellation & refund rates in our industry.



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